Selling Process

We buy Business, Household & Storage Contents

In order to achieve better prices, Kristal Auctions recommends all its sellers to sell their goods and property through the Auction process. However in case the seller is urgent for money and is not willing to wait for the Auction, a cash offer will be made by Kristal Auctions representative to purchase the above mentioned goods from seller.

Auction Process:

Selling process works as follows:

The seller delivers the goods to our Auction House, alternatively collection of sellers goods from sellers site will be arranged. When goods arrive at the Auction house, the goods are cleaned, inspected and marked as lots, and numbers are allocated to each item/lot. The Auctioneer supplies the seller with a goods receipt form, where it stipulates the terms and conditions of sale and describes all goods supplied by the seller. The seller signs the form and receives the copy from the Auctioneer. After the Auction takes place, and the above mentioned goods are sold, the Auctioneer pays the seller for his goods sold, less commission and collection fee (where applicable) within 7 (seven) days after the Auction takes place. (Usually takes 3 (three) days).

Sellers commission is 15% on general movable goods, 10% on vehicles & heavy industrial equipment. Please note: We charge an additional 5%  for collection of goods where applicable. We collect anywhere in Gauteng and surroundings. Our warehouse is secure and fully insured.

Auction Every Week

Auctions Conducted Every Wednesday, Deadline For Receiving Goods Is Monday 17.00 PM. Late Arrivals Will Be Stored And Auctioned In The Following Week. There Will Be No Receiving Of Goods On Auction Day.

Motor vehicles:

Motor vehicles delivered to our Auction house by  sellers or collected from sellers by Auctioneer, no later than one day before the Auction takes place 12.00 Noon.  The seller is allowed to set a reasonable reserve price for his vehicle as long as it is not overpriced. Kristal Auctions will pay the seller for his vehicle within 48 hours after the Auction takes place after deducting the commission and the vehicle was fully paid by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for transfer costs.Vehicles must be free of leans and debt. For further information call Arkady. 012-3723710 / 0723854770 / 0825774439

Why Auctions Are a Smart Choice

Auctions are more popular than ever, with a growing number of companies exploring the advantages of selling unneeded equipment and other assets  through a live auction. Frequently, they’re able to get higher prices in less time than they would otherwise. 

Competitive bidding: Buyers are influenced by the energetic atmosphere and get caught up in bidding competition. They’re forced to make an immediate decision instead of playing a waiting game with the seller. 

Broader customer reach: Auctions reach a larger number of interested, qualified buyers and are more widely publisized than most sales. This has the potential to drive prices up beyond local or regional conditions. 

Fast liquidity: Sellers receive immediate cash for their assets and rid themselves of unwanted equipment, reducing storage and maintenance/carrying costs. They know exactly when their assets will be sold.

More Effective Marketing: We use proven tactics to promote your auction to thousands of qualified buyers in your industry.

Professionalism: Our staff is highly experienced. Together, we make sure your auction runs smoothly and efficiently.

Personal attention: You deal directly with our principals, meaning we’re able to check in with you often and provide immediate responses. You’ll never get lost in the crowd.


Onsite Business & Industrial Auctions:

Selling process works as follows:

Our Auctioneer(s) visit and inspect the goods for sale on sellers site, take photographs for advertising purposes and agree with the seller(s) on commission and a date when and where the Auction will be conducted. After an agreement is reached and signed by both parties, the Auctioneer will market and advertise the Auction. After the said Auction is completed, all goods sold and all buyers paid the Auctioneer, the Auctioneer pays the money for goods sold to the seller.

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