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Auctioneer Training Course


As an Auctioneer, you’ll have many options open to you. You can be your own boss or you can work for an auction company. Either way, you’re in control of your own destiny. Your success will be directly related to the energy and effort you put towards your goals. You can get a successful start in the auction business by investing a minimal amount of your time and money to attend the South African College Of Auctioneering.  You’ll be able to earn the money you’ve invested back quickly — maybe even on your first or second auction. The auction business is a very people oriented business.  You’ll be working everyday with sellers, buyers, business leaders and other members of your community to sell products ranging from real estate and cars to antiques, business assets and livestock. Auctioneers are usually paid a commission, salary or set fee.  Commissions can run anywhere from 5% to 30% of the gross sale.The hours you work at your auction business are very flexible.  You’ll be able to set your own pace.  Because many auctions are held in the evening or on the weekend, you can work at another job until you establish your business.  It’s also the perfect second career.

Course dates : To be announced

       Course Outline 

  • Developing an Auction Chant and Bid Calling

  • Overcoming Stage Fright

  • Auction Technology

  • Auction Administration and Logistics

  • Laws & Licensing

  • Auction house Management

  • Auction Advertising and Marketing

  • Professionalism & Ethics

  • Clerking and Cashiering

  • Auction Forms and Contracts

  • Livestock Ages, Deceases and Permits

  • Commercial Real Estate Auctions

  • Residential Real Estate Auctions

  • Automobile Auctions

  • Heavy Equipment Auctions

  • Purebred Livestock Auctions

  • General Livestock Auctions

  • Farm  Auctions

  • Online Auctions

  • Storage Auctions

  • Charity & Fundraising Auctions

  • Art & Gallery Auctions

  • Business Liquidation & Government Auctions

  • Consignment Auctions

  • Ringwork Techniques

  • Voice Care

  • Appraisals and valuations

  • Antique & Estate Auctions

  • Public Speaking & Body Language

  • Sound Management

Training Methods

Small Classes

Only a limited number of students are in each class. Students get personal and individual attention from all instructors. With this method you are assured of specialised assistance and get more practice selling than any other method.

Learning Together

Group participation for confidence building.

Video & Sound Equipment Training

Latest technique for developing an efficient and effective selling presentation.

Practice and sell your first lots at a real Auction House (Kristal Auctions)

Pre-Study CD & Manual

Upon receipt of your payment, we will promptly mail this exciting Manual & CD to you same day. This payment applies directly to your tuition, which includes your lifetime scholarship and diploma. This CD & manual will help you prepare for your actual course of study at the South African College Of Auctioneering. 

Instructors / Trainers 


Col. Hedley Harris

The founder and owner of The South African college of Auctioneering and a proud pioneer of principled professionalism. Since its first class of 1988 Harris’ college has graduated some 8000 students.


Arkady Matusowsky

Founder and owner of Kristal Auctions (PTY) LTD, active Auctioneer with qualifications in Logistics, Marketing & Business management. 25 Years experience in selling movable goods.

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February 2017 course


Plot 100,  C/O Van der Hoff & Hornsnek Rd,  Andeon, Pretoria, South Africa.

Basic  Requirements

The better education one has, the greater his/her chances for success. Every student must have the ability to speak English fluently, do simple math – add, subtract, multiply and divide. Anyone of normal ability can complete the course and become successful. No person will be excluded from participation, denied any benefits or subjected to any form of discrimination be it race, colour, religion, sex, age, national origin or handicap.

To enrol & more information about attending the course, please fill in the form below 

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Previous experience in Auctioneering if any


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Course Duration

It takes one week to complete the course and one day in the following week for live Auction exam.

Who May Attend The Course 

Anyone who wishes to enter the Auction profession, become an Auctioneer and start their own auction business, work for a Auction company, become a freelance Auctioneer, Real estate agents that want to implement auctions into their existing real estate business and active Auctioneers who want to improve their skills.


The South African College Of Auctioneering awards a prestigious diploma to its graduates after having successfully completed the course. The diploma is recognised by SAIA and NAA of USA.

How much does it cost to attend the course?

The cost to attend and complete the course is R 8500.00

A deposit of R 3500.00 is required to enrol, the balance of R 5000.00

must be paid before attending classes.

Our Banking Details

Bank: FNB Menlyn Maine

Account Name: Royal Auction Academy

Account Number: 62670406240

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